Structural Enzymology

Enzymology involves the study of enzymes, their kinetics, structure, and function, as well as their relation to each other. Enzymes play an important role in all metabolic and cellular signaling pathways. Scientists are often interested in understanding how enzymes function at the molecular and atomic level through a combination of modern biochemistry and structural biology. Techniques used to investigate enzyme structure and dynamics include X-ray crystallography, NMR, mass spectroscopy and protein chemistry, while their chemical behavior is being characterized by rapid-reaction and steady-state kinetics, calorimetry, chemical analyses, and a variety of spectroscopies. Protein engineering is also used to study how structure determines function.

  • Enzymes as Drug Targets
  • Functional enzymology
  • Computational Enzymology
  • Industrial Enzymology
  • Clinical Enzymology
  • Enzymes in Food Technology
  • Enzyme Kinetics
  • Physiological Enzymology

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